Student Testimonials

“I like going to school at St Dominic’s. My favourite subjects are maths and sport. I like adding and taking away numbers and playing ball sports. My favourite thing to do at school is to play soccer on the playground with my mates at recess and lunchtimes. I’m in the Red house “Molloy” and we won the athletics carnival this year. It was a great day and everyone dresses up and cheers loud. Camp is another great activity. I hit the target in archery and each time I climbed the rack wall I got a little higher!” - Jack 

"My favourite room at St Dominic's is my classroom because it is very busy. I sit nicely around the table and learn about cities and about St Dominic. He travelled very far. I like building and can build my own house during science." - Harry

"My name is Laura. I have been at St Dominic’s for three years. When I went to a mainstream school it felt like I wasn’t understood and in the background. Now I am at St Dom’s I feel happier, confident and really enjoy learning. Teachers are really nice, caring and understanding. They help each student with their different needs and help them to do their best." - Laura

Staff Testimonials

"I am so proud to be a part of the St Dominic’s community. We are a school that embraces the individual needs of each student, and encourages their learning in a purpose built environment. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to see our students thrive." - Jennifer Bone

“St Dominic’s is a setting that promotes student growth, spiritual development and social connectedness surrounded by strong teaching and learning processes. This truly is a wonderful place to educate students and watch them thrive – I feel very fortunate to be part of the St Dominic’s journey.” – Mrs Katie Philpott, Secondary Coordinator

Parent Testimonials

"Transitioning to high school in 2016 for our daughter was a daunting (scary) prospect for our family, but after attending open days and interviews at St Dominic's we were sure that we were heading in the right direction. Within days of our daughter starting at St Dominic's, the feed back from staff and her attitude toward school (she didn't want to stay at home) was so positive that we new we had made the right choice.

Our daughter is now in Year 9 at St Dominic's and developing into a young lady with a mature attitude, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

We attribute this development to the exceptional teachers and support staff at St Dominic's who go above and beyond their duties, and have accepted our daughter and our family into the St Dominic's family." - Carter Family

"When my daughter first started at St Dominic's, she changed from being a child who fought relentlessly against going to school, to the child who dressed for school without argument or prompting. She has an individual learning plan, based on her style of learning and the use of assistive technology to help her reach her specific learning goals. St Dominic's is a rare and unique place and each day when my daughter prepares willingly for her day at school, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to be here." - Anne Mahony, Parent