Social Justice

A priority at St Dominic’s is to prepare the students for a meaningful post-school life. This includes academics, social skills, interpersonal skills and an awareness of issues wider than their immediate world. To this end, we expose our students to a variety of social justice issues locally, nationally and globally. Students have opportunities to fulfil their societal roles through contribution and involvement in a number of community outreach programs including:

  • St Vincent De Paul
  • Catholic Mission
  • Caritas
  • St Martin de Porres
  • Christmas Giving Program
  • Inclusive Choir

As teaching and learning is at the core of all we do, each of these programs is embedded into their learning outcomes. Through subjects such as Religion, HSIE, CAPA or English, students are taught the context and meaning of each community activity in which we participate.

St Dominic’s is also an opportunity to educate others about the value and dignity of every person. We have systemic schools work with our students on creative arts and sports programs. Our team spend time with the visiting students educating them about inclusion, disability and the importance of honouring the individual. This is a powerful experience for all involved and is sustained well beyond the classroom.

We teach our students the importance of living in gratitude. Our community is generously cared for by the wider community, and we ensure our students are aware of this and are grateful for the support we are shown. One of the main ways we do this is by giving back. Our students are involved in a number of fund-raising events throughout the year with the proceeds donated to Caritas. A member of the Diocesan Caritas team visits each year for a presentation on where the funds go and how our students have made a difference in the lives of someone less fortunate.