Positive Behaviour Support (for Learning)

With a student population predominantly comprising of students with mild to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated communication difficulties, there is an increased likelihood of challenging behaviours.

As a school we are committed to a positive approach to children’s behaviours. This includes providing a functional analysis of challenging behaviours, positive reinforcement of desired behaviours, and a planned, coordinated response to undesired behaviours.

Tiered Model

Positive Behaviour Support (for Learning) at St Dominic’s Centre is based on a three-tier approach as described by the school-wide PBS approach. The level of behaviour support and intervention provided to students within the school is classified through tiers. The definition of support provided at St Dominic’s across each tier is described below:

Tier 1: School wide interventions including classroom environment strategies, positively worded school rules and expectations, positive communication and interaction modelled by staff.

Tier 2: Individual tailored interventions, based on a functional analysis of behaviour. 

Tier 3: Coordinated cross-environment positive behaviour support for students exhibiting severe risk of harm behaviours to self or others (as evidenced by incident reports).


Team Approach

A Positive Behaviour Support (for Learning) team provides leadership within the school to develop, implement, and monitor PBSL strategies across each tier. The team comprises of teaching and support staff, therapists and members of the executive.

Ongoing Support For Staff

Staff are provided with regular training to enhance their knowledge of PBSL at each tier.


Incidences of challenging behaviour are monitored through incident reports. At St Dominic’s Centre we have a fortnightly focus. Staff and students are encouraged to find opportunities to focus on and demonstrate positive behaviours.

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