Pastoral Care Worker

St Dominic’s Centre recognises the four pillars of the Dominican Order: Prayer, Educate, Service and Community. These are all united under Veritas, meaning truth.

Using these four pillars, the role of the Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) at St Dominic’s is to build relationships and provide holistic support to students, staff and parentsin all spirituality, value, education and ethical matters. This is done using the Catholic ethos with particular emphasis on Catholic social teachings.

St Dominic’s believes in treating each unique individual with respect and dignity, thus supporting all students to reach their goals.

The St Dominic’s Pastoral Care Worker is responsible for:

  • Providing the appropriate referrals to external services for both students, staff and parents under the direction of the school Principal
  • Breakfast Club
  • Supporting school activities such as camp, retreats, sporting activities etc
  • Mentoring
  • Performing liturgies
  • Assisting staff in the provision of community based activities
  • Fundraising
  • Conducting community prayer on Wednesday mornings
  • Assisting with links to the wider community
  • Performing home and in-school visits to parents along with the school psychologist
  • Facilitating morning teas for parents
  • Supervising tech club with the students at lunchtime
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