The Learning Hub

St Dominic’s Learning Hub is an innovative and dynamic part of the school. The contemporary, active learning environment allows for many different purposes including, study and independent research, reading areas, interaction spaces and teaching areas. It is also a space for staff and parent meetings, workshops; for social activities and communal gatherings. It has a mix of hard and soft furnishings of different heights, shapes, materials and designs that allow for reconfiguration depending on the purpose of the space and the learning needs of the students.

Digital citizenship, cyberbullying, information and digital literacy are explicitly taught throughout all programs. The teaching and learning programs embed technology skills that help students succeed in research, technology, communication and literacy. They are designed to equip students with skills necessary to succeed in a constantly changing digital world. Various forms of technology engage students in their learning and act as a tool for accessing, selecting and locating information as well as expressing ideas using different software and applications.

The programming for all students is sequential, with the Teacher Librarian identifying skills and concepts we wish to see our students our graduate with. There is then collaborative planning and team teaching with our staff to embed these skills and concepts in an age-appropriate and sequential learning sequence. 

The Library Learning Hub promotes the reading and enjoyment of books through its collection of early fiction, fiction and non-fiction resources that are available for borrowing, by all students, each Thursday. A waterproof library bag is required to borrow so families can share in the joy of reading at home.