Movement Room

The Movement Room creates a purpose-built space in the school for students to access in an effort to assist them with self-regulation. The space and equipment in the room is designed for students to use movement as part of a sensory diet. The apparatus in the room allow for proprioceptive, vestibular and tactile input. Some of the students enrolled at St Dominic's need this sensory input to remain emotionally regulated during the school day.

This room also provides the students with an area to work on the improvement of sensory motor skills. Many students attending St Dominic's experience delay in the development of motor skills. These skills form the building blocks for fine motor precision, higher learning and academic achievement.

movement room


The Sanctuary is a purpose-built space in the school for students to access to assist in self-regulation. The space and equipment in the room can be used by students as part of a sensory diet to calm and reorganise the nervous system through vestibular, tactile (deep pressure), and proprioceptive input. Some of the students at St Dominic's need this sensory input to remain emotionally well regulated during their school day.

The Sanctuary

Prac Room

The Prac Room is a space that is accessed by all students at St Dominic's, not only a teaching and learning place, but an opportunity to develop many extra-curricular skills. The secondary technology curriculum is delivered in this room, where students get to engage in the practical components of metal work, woodwork, textiles and food technology. The room is also used for many practical components of the maths and science curriculum.

The Prac room becomes a hospitality centre during many of our events. We cater for many school based events, with all students involved in planning, preparation and delivery of food.

St Dominic's also has 'Dom's Dinner' which occurs every Tuesday morning. Dom's dinner has a food schedule for the term and students are rostered on to assist with the preparation of the morning food. This preparation occurs in the Prac room.

Prac room

Outdoor Zone

St Dominic's outdoor learning and play area has been designed to enhance student's opportunity to learn and develop socialisation skills. It has been purposely designed by specialists and caters for K-10 students with multiple disabilities.

St Dominic's has a sports shed with equipment available to develop fine and gross motor skills. There are open spaces for ball games and other structured activities.

'Dom's Dinner' is incorporated into the outdoor learning environment and caters for our breakfast club program, run the students on a Tuesday morning. This undercover deck area is also a great space to facilitate social skill development at recess and lunch.

St Dominic's outdoor zone has a path that leads to the sensory garden including flowers and a herb garden to provide visual, auditory, smell, and taste sensory experiences. Uneven surface assists with movement and spatial awareness. We also have a nature play area for students to engage in quiet discovery and play.

outdoor learning zone

Flexible Learning Zones

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a flexible learning space that accommodates a variety of teaching and learning pedagogies. Students are able to access this space for group work. Instruction lessons or individual purists. Our primary students have their library lessons in this space each week, while the secondary students not only have a Library lesson weekly, they utilise the hub for our teaching and learning lessons throughout the week.

learning hub

Think Tank Room

Think Tank Room is a collaborative space for staff, students, parents and our multi-disciplinary team.

Think tank room

Happy Booth

The Happy Booth is also a communal collaboration work space for small groups of students and staff. It provides a break out opportunity to engage in the teaching and learning cycle.

Happy Booth

St Mary Ellen Hall

The St Mary Ellen Hall is a place that we gather as a school community for special events, liturgies, graduation and community prayer. This is also a multi-facet space that can be used for large group teaching and learning, art, movement breaks or indoor PE.

St mary ellen hall

Reward Station

Reward Station was developed to ensure a consistent reward system was used throughout primary and secondary.

reward station


We have primary and secondary classrooms, where the layout is designed for flexible teaching and learning catering for the sensory and additional needs of our students. All facilities have visuals to aid communication. St Dominic's Classrooms are named after our Dominican tradition:

The Guzman Room – St Dominic's last name was Guzman.

Guzman Room

The Castilian Room – St Dominic was a Castilian priest and founder of the Dominican Order. Dominic is the patron saint of astronomers. When Saint Dominic was baptised, stories say his mother saw a star on his chest. That star was a symbol of his future.

catilian room

The Sienna Room – The Basilica of San Domenico, as known as Basilica Catherinian, which is a special type of Church is located in Senna, Tuscan, Italy.

Siena Room

The Valencia Room – Saint Dominic de Guzman was born in Spain and attended school at Valencia. After school he was ordained into the Regular Canons of St. Augustine in the Diocese of Osma.

valencia room