School Camps

Students from Year 3 to Year 10 attend school camp at Point Wolstoncroft, for two nights and three days every year. The school camp provides opportunities for students to increase their independence with personal care and hygiene as well as general living and social skills. This is achieved with the support of visual schedules and reminders. The camp promotes safe and exciting student participation in outdoor recreation activities. These activities have a strong emphasis on health and wellbeing, team building and resilience - through fun, challenging and engaging experiences.

Athletics Carnival

St Dominic’s students develop their functional movement and sporting skills in the lead up to our annual school Athletics Carnivals. The primary and secondary carnival is hosted at St Pius X High School Adamstown, where students from Year 10 PASS Elective, facilitate the event and coordinator our carnival events. Our infant’s students hold their Athletics Carnival at school - tackling obstacle courses, throwing javelins and testing their fine motor skills. Year 10 Child Studies students from St Pius X attend the infants carnival and help facilitate, support and encourage our students. All students and staff are placed into two Houses – Hogan (Blue) and Molloy (Red), named for the Dominican Sisters who founded our order in Australia. Both houses compete against each other to win the inaugural shield, with students gaining points throughout the day.


Infants, Primary and Secondary students participate in a weekly sport program. Sport consists of functional movement skills, gross motor movement, sequencing, sport skills and fitness. Secondary students participate in a combination of school sport and structured gym sessions (that include a tailored gym program) at a local gym. Primary students participate in a swimming program during semester two, once a week.

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts program at St Dominic's is not only incorporated into the teaching and learning cycle, but is linked with local community; artists, musicians, dance teachers, actors, writers and vocal teachers. We look for and provide opportunities for students with artistic talent to enter into competitions that can show case their talent. We have students audition successfully for the Dioceses Creative Arts ASPIRE program, win a place in Christmas Card competitions (in conjunction with local members of Parliament) and win the Pavement Art competition.

Our secondary students play an important role in the Inclusive Choir, which includes leadership students from San Clemente High School. Under the tuition from vocal coach Michael Nolan, our students perform in the Diocese DioSounds concert in term 2 at the Civic Theatre Newcastle. This experience is the highlight of the year for many students and staff. At St Dominic’s, there is great importance placed not only on the Arts, but on the creative process, the opportunity it provides to experiment and the opportunities it offers for original thought, exploration and critical thinking.

Excursion and Incursions

All excursions and incursions are deemed to be part of the school program which are arranged by classroom teachers. Excursions are designed to strengthen the student's educational experience and to stimulate curriculum rich language and interest, which is directly relevant to in-class teaching and learning.

Information regarding excursions are provided to parents and carers via a permission note. Transport to and from the excursion can include walking, catching public transport, accessible taxi or public bus.

Excursions and Incursions are provided by St Dominic’s which include Cultural Days, Water safety visits, Tako and African drumming, Art Cabriolet (Art Therapy), ASPIRE Performance, Active Sports Incursion, Shows and performances, Life Education, Pavement Art, Wetlands and Rainforest Walks.

New experiences and opportunities that arise will be considered if they link to the Teaching and Learning Programs.