Anti-Bullying Stance

St Dominic’s Centre is committed to the provision of a safe and supportive environment free from harassment and intimidation. This type of environment promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all, both in and out of the classroom.


Harassment and Bullying is defined as ongoing verbal, digital and/or physical attacks against a person. It is meant to hurt physically and/or emotionally.


If students believe that they are being harassed they need to decide what action to follow. These actions will depend on the nature of the harassment and the students involved.

  • Ignore it. Show that it does not upset you. The harasser is then not rewarded and the harassment may stop.


  • Talk to the person harassing you. Tell them to stop as their actions are unwanted. This may prevent further incidences.


  • Talk it over openly with trusted adults (i.e. subject teacher or Tutor Group leader). They can help you decide what to do.


  • Approach your teacher or Coordinator. Allow this person to take appropriate action.


Depending on the nature of the harassment the following consequences may be used. In the event of repeat offences, the consequences will be more severe for repeat offences:

  • Students may engage in discussion of the behaviour
  • Students may be removed from the classroom/playground or face other school based consequences
  • Parents may be informed and an interview may take place
  • Police may be informed
  • Students may be suspended
  • Students may be expelled.

Click here to view the CSO Anti-Bullying Policy