Secondary Program

Secondary students at St Dominic's Centre are all enrolled on a Full Life Skills Program of study. Each student undertaking Years 7 to 10 Life Skills will study selected outcomes and content, as identified through the collaborative curriculum planning process, meeting the requirements of NESA. The syllabus outcomes and content form the basis of learning opportunities for students.

We have a Stage 4 cohort (Year 7 and 8) and a Stage 5 cohort (Year 9 and 10). Our subject scope and sequence run on a two-year cycle.

The Life Skills subjects that are available at St Dominic's are;

  • English Life Skills
  • Math's Life Skills
  • Science Life Skills
  • HSIE Life Skills
  • Religion Life Skills
  • Technology and Applied Science Life Skills
  • Creative and performing Arts Life Skills
  • PDHPE Life Skills
  • LOTE Life Skills

Students can demonstrate achievement of Life Skills outcomes in a number of ways and across a range of environments (eg. school, home, community). Evidence of achievement can be based on a range of assessment for learning experiences, such as observation during teaching and learning, work samples or planned assessment events.

Life Skills outcomes may be achieved either independently, including with the appropriate adjustments, or with support. The type of adjustments and support will vary according to the particular needs of the student and the requirements of the activity.

We work collaboratively with families including bi-annual meetings to develop individual goals for students which form the priority for their learning. Progress on these goals is monitored through careful and detailed assessment and is reported twice yearly in school reports.

Secondary students follow a fortnightly program (odd and even week). Students attend home group in the morning and then follow a five period day. Lessons are one-hour in duration and they have a half hour lunch and recess break.