Academic Care

St Dominic's Centre has designed a program of study that allows students to meet mandatory NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements while also providing them with the flexibility to follow their own program of study to meet their future employment requirements.

The focus of all programs at St Dominic's is to develop the individual spiritually, personally, social, academically, and physically with an emphasis on family and community. Our specialist staff and purpose-built environment allows our students to achieve success through a variety of contemporary teaching and learning tools. We use an evidence-based approach to ensure our students are engaged in dynamic and relevant learning activities.

We honour each individual by using a strengths-based approach to our academic care. Each student sets goals for their learning, which are monitored formally and informally across a range of settings. The staff team use an intrinsic motivation approach to encourage students to stay focused on their goals and learning.

St Dominic's has a multi-disciplinary team comprised of: speech therapist, occupational therapist and psychologist. This team works closely with staff, students, families and external specialists to include specialist interventions that enhance student outcomes. Our team will also liaise with a student's specialist to ensure a seamless home-school partnership with any therapies that can be embedded in our teaching and learning. Our approach is to build capacity in our staff team so that they are confident in including these interventions in their programs and teaching and learning activities.